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Professionalisation of an Office Management

Merely to lift others to a higher level, I give honest and sincere feedback. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others. Not only by explaining to them, but above all by showing them in practice.

Establish Secretaries - Office Management

Effective work processes and good collaborative teams. That is what I go for. I know how management support can be arranged optimally like no other.


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A manager must be able to rely on support blindly, just as it is becoming hectic.

Support can always be smarter and better. By just applying a little more structure and handling the work process slightly better many problems are avoided





Management & Support (dutch article)
Het is geven en nemen – with Evert ter Keurst

De Jaarplanning (dutch article)
Een voorbeeld van  “Excellente ondersteuning” – with Evert ter Keurst

De beste ondersteuners doen vlak voordat… (dutch article)
De beste ondersteuners doen de dingen vlak voordat je ze gaat vragen – with Ron van der Veer

Proactief (dutch article)
Excellente ondersteuning is proactief regelen – with Hans Cleton

Planning & Control Cyclus (dutch article)
Het draait niet alleen om getallen – with Carsten Blewanus

Ontzorgen (dutch article)
Het zit in ontzorgen en ondersteunen – with Just Stam

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